Use of Marks and Logo

The applicant shall agree to following terms related to Marks and Logo:

  1. Make no use of the Consilium Labs Inc. Certification Mark and make no statements referencing certification which might be misleading or are not in accordance with Consilium Labs Inc. Rules for Use of the Marks and Logo.
  2. Make no use of its Certification marks on laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports.
  3. Upon termination of the certification, return the Certificate to Consilium Labs Inc.  and discontinue reference to the certification and use of accompanying marks in all advertising material or other documents.
  4. The Certification shall not be used as evidence of product certification, product endorsement or product approval.                                                                                                                  

Upon successful certification provided by Consilium Labs Inc., the certified company is entitled to use the Consilium Labs Inc. certification and marks of Accreditor indicated on the company’s certificate. The certified organizations may make others aware of their certification by means of various forms of publicity. The Figure 1 below indicate the marks which include Consilium Labs Inc Certification mark and symbols and Logos of Accreditor (ANAB).

The Use of the Marks and Logos procedure indicating the rules and the Certificate of Compliance are sent to the Certified Company. Upon request by a certified company, permitted electronic reproductions of the Marks are forwarded to the certified company.

If Consilium comes across any publication of certification and/or the usage of its logo and ANAB marks in the wrong manner in any way, Consilium may request the certified client to take corrective actions. This is required in order to maintain the high level of confidence that the marketplace has for certified clients, Consilium and its accredited body.

All certified organizations shall agree not to use its certificate or certification in such a way that disrepute to Consilium and shall not make any statement regarding its certification which may be considered misleading.  

Handling of the Registration Certificate

All certificates remain the property of Consilium. Consilium Labs Inc. is the sole authority who can issue the certificate to an organization which is certified.

Certified organisations, for advertising purposes and as proof of their certification, may photocopy or scan their current certificate. Electronic copies/ photocopies can be in full color and a copy of the original must be marked.

Certificates must be destroyed or surrendered upon issue of a replacement certificate or cancellation/ withdrawal of certification.

On reduction of the scope of certification, the organization shall alter all advertising material where certification is referred to reflect the reduced scope.

On suspension or withdrawal of the certification, organization shall cease to use all advertising material that refer to the certification.

The ANAB accreditation symbol shall be reproduced on a background that will not impede readability: 

  1. In black or in blue (PMS 286 or equivalent) and red (PMS 485 or equivalent) on a white or light-colored background;
  2. In a size that makes all features of the symbol clearly distinguishable; and
  3. Without distortion of its dimensions.

The certified organization may not place the ANAB accreditation symbol in isolation from the certification body’s symbol, and the size of the ANAB symbol must not exceed the size of the certification body’s symbol.